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Red Kap PT20 Men Industrial Work Pant
Red Kap PT20 Men Industrial Work Pant at Apparelstation

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Red Kap PT20 Men Industrial Work Pant

5 out of 5
Red Kap
$26.38$31.58 Save upto 16%
  • PT20
  • Brown
FabricCotton/Polyester Fabric
Weight7.5 oz Weight
ThicknessMidweight Thickness
TreatmentStain Resistant Treatment
TagTagless Tag

Color Available (6)

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  • BlackBlack
  • BrownBrown
  • CharcoalCharcoal
  • KhakiKhaki
  • NavyNavy
  • Spruce GreenSpruce Green
  • Blank
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Product Description

  • 65/35 poly/cotton twill with Touchtex™ technology for superior color retention,
  • 7.5-ounce, Soil release and wickability
  • Jean-style waistband with button closure
  • Two front and back pockets
  • Odd numbered waist sizes (27, 31, etc.) not available.
  • Not all inseam lengths available in every waist size.
  • Please inquire for availability.